Getting Organised

So today I’m going to start a series on organisation. In September my oldest monkey starts school (sob sob x) and after two years of enjoying being a full-time, stay-at-home mum, I’ve decided that I really need to dust off the mental cobwebs and do something. Just not sure what that something is yet…

I guess I was very career focused before I had children – I spent most of my time either in work, thinking about work or going out with friends from work. I even met my husband there! Once our little boys came along though, my priorities changed and decided that I wanted to be at home with them. Since then, I’ve thrown myself into being a mummy – toddler groups, play dates, swimming lessons – I even run our local church playgroup, which I love doing.

But the time has come for a new challenge. I decided once I gave up work that I didn’t really want to rejoin the corporate rat race and I’ve been mulling over ideas for quite some time on ways to set up something on my own. Despite the alarming rate of new start-up failures, I’d still love to run my own business – who knows where it could lead?

I’ve a whole world of planning to do before I even get to the stage of deciding what I’m actually going to do. I need to look at my skills/experience, any necessary re-training (I’m looking at a complete career change), local market opportunities, finance, the mechanics of actually setting up a business, suppliers, business plans, marketing, research – the list goes on and on! Most important of all, will be to convince my husband, who will not only be stumping up some of the cash (and potential serious financial commitment should everything go wrong!) but will also have to live with a messy house, increased childcare costs and an even more disorganised homelife than normal. How will he cope?!!!

Business-wise, there’s so much to think about. Before I get to that though, I think I need some serious organisation in my life as it currently stands, so that I can free up time to focus on my new business ideas. Hence the following series of posts on organisation. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be blogging about (and acting upon!) organising my life, home and family. I’d love to hear from you too – any tips you can give me would be much appreciated!

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5 Responses to Getting Organised

  1. Susie says:

    You need to have a look at it will be a great help at the organizing -also now and for when you go back to work.

    Also do want to point out-why is hubby stumping out the cash? Is this not a partnership? Do not both of you “own” the money and make the decisions together?

    Please take a look at . He is all about financial planning and living from what you have. He also says the only way financial plans work is when both parts of the couple are in it together and involved.

    Good luck.

  2. blissfulmum says:

    Thanks for the tips Susie. Of course hubby and I are a partnership! He will just need convincing of a good business plan. He already has a full time job so this will be my ‘baby’ – although I’m sure I will draft him in as an unpaid ‘consultant’!

  3. ooh, good luck with all of it. feel free to come over and join in the personal challenge over at mine

    I look forward to seeing how you get on 🙂

  4. Amanda says:


    just found you and glad I did… I came out of work in April for health reasons and decided to set my own business up too, to give me something to aim for. It’s a scary thing, wondering if it will ever take off, but exciting too! I look forward to following your progress x

  5. Catherine says:

    Good luck with your organising. I had many years at home with my children and never quite got round to being organised. I now do some part-time teaching and tutoring and Jamie at Home parties.
    If you find the secret to being organised I would love you to share!

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