Personal Challenge: July

Following my post yesterday I’ve been given a great link by Tiddlyompompom to join the ‘Personal Challenge’ for July over on her blog. Maybe if I commit to achieving something here I might actually get myself moving! Obviously the challenge I’m going to set is to be more organised. By the end of the month I’m aiming to get my life, home & family in order, so that I can start thinking through my business ideas and pull a plan together. Here’s my challenge broken down:


1. Create a ‘mind map’ of my goals for 2010 and beyond.

2. Look at where I am now and what objectives I need to achieve to get where I want to be.

3. Pull together an action plan (I spend more time making fancy colour-coded plans than I ever do taking action, so I need to make sure I keep this bit short & sweet!).


1. Create a ‘home file’ with all the jobs that need doing each day/week.

2. Prioritise what I’m most rubbish at – WASHING & IRONING! I read somewhere that you need to do something at least 15 times for it to become a habit, so I need to build this into my daily routine rather than let the mountain reach Everest heights before I feel compelled to do anything about it – this is going to be a tough one!!!


1. Hopefully if I get into a routine with the jobs in my home file, organising the family should come more easily. I always manage to leave things until 5 minutes before we leave the house to get things together, so from now on I’m going to put out the boys clothes, pack their swim kit, nursery bags etc, the night before.

2. Leave the house 10 minutes earlier than we normally do – everything seems to take so much longer with children!

3. Make sure I spend some time actually playing with the boys rather than rushing around trying to get jobs done all day!

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7 Responses to Personal Challenge: July

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    I have my weatch set 10 mins fast, even then we can be late!

  2. blissfulmum says:

    Did the same last week & put our kitchen clock forward 10 mins to kid myself into thinking I was running late – my husband told me he thought I was completely bonkers!!! So glad I’m not the only one!

  3. every clock in our house is fast, but none of them tell the same time 🙂

    good luck with your challenge 🙂

  4. whatdidyoudotodaymama says:

    Ooh, I’m liking the home file idea. Had a moment of organization a couple of months ago and put all the paperwork on my desk into one of those concertina files in various cateogories of to do-ness. Was fabulously organised until we moved, now my desk looks like the aftermath of a hurricane, and am I sorting it and dealing with all the urgent paperwork, no I’m wasting nap time reading blogs.

  5. blissfulmum says:

    That sounds so familiar! I’m deliberately leaving the laptop switched off during the day now as this blogging is becoming really addictive! Hope you get your paperwork sorted out – I often have bursts of activity and then leave things to pile up again, the key is doing small bits regularly I think and getting into a routine.

  6. Catherine says:

    I like the idea of setting a challenge to be more organised. My whole house (and all occupants!!) could do with some organisation. Getting started is the hardest part for me.

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