Wedding Stationery

We went to a lovely wedding this weekend and have another one to go to next week. Things have calmed down a bit this year (we’re moving onto Christenings!) but a couple of years ago we went to 9 weddings in one year. When you take into account hen and stag dos, hotel accommodation, new outfits and wedding gifts – that’s a lot of money spent on weddings! I wouldn’t have missed out on any of them though. Witnessing our friends and family tie the knot is a wonderful experience and I always feel so privileged to have been invited to share such a special event.

Someone gave me some great advice before my big day – everything will go by in such a blur that you should try to pick out key moments that you know you are going to treasure, rather than attempt to remember everything. We had a big wedding with over 200 guests so that advice came in really handy.

My happiest memories of the day were walking down the aisle seeing all my friends and relations – I was amazed and humbled at how many people had turned up, just for us! Then, when my eyes fell on my husband, everybody else just seemed to disappear. After the ceremony, we walked back down the aisle to the sound of the ‘Top Gun’ theme tune being played on the magnificent church organ. When we arrived at the reception, I looked through the window and, after months of meticulous planning, it felt wonderful that everything had finally come together. Naturally, my Dad’s speech made me cry and our first dance made me feel like a princess…

My wedding dress still sits in its box; I haven’t the heart to part with it (despite the fact it would probably be a bit tight now!) and I never tire of looking back at the photos. I was searching through our honeymoon photos for my previous post and came across the following pictures of our wedding stationery, which I thought I would share with you. My sister-in-law and I spent hours making these and I was really proud of what we achieved:

Picture: Wedding stationery 1

Picture: Wedding stationery 2

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4 Responses to Wedding Stationery

  1. Elsie Button says:

    yes it goes like that, a year or two of going to a wedding every few weeks -but lovely! you’ve made me think back to my wedding day, reading this.

    btw thanks for your comment on my helter skelter post – it’s funny that you know the very helter skelter i was talking about!!

  2. Amanda says:

    How wonderful! You look gorgeous and the invites were all so beautiful.

    We’re getting married in October this year and to keep within our tiny budget (£1500) we are making all the invites, decorations etc – in fact, my mum is making the invites and we haven’t even bothered with Save the Date cards or Orders of Service because we are having a small register office wedding (20 guests) followed by our own intimate blessing (80 guests) and it seemed pointless to go “all out” when the day itself is going to be humble with jacket potatoes and salad for the meal, a disco run by my cousin, no official photographer, a blessing ceremony written by us and led by family and friends and my uncle’s car to get us there… of course, I would have loved to go “all out” and had more guests, lots of fresh flowers and the works, but I am happy to be having a “do-it-yourself” wedding as it means I get to enjoy making the things we will treasure on the day.

  3. Mummy Zen says:

    Sounds like you have some lovely memories from your wedding day. It’s nice to look back at photos and reminisce. The wedding stationary looks very impressive, must have been a lot of hard work!

  4. blissfulmum says:

    Thank you for the comments! I do love weddings, although mine seems a long while ago now (as with everything pre-children!) Good luck for your big day Amanda.

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