Home Sweet Home

We moved into our home a little over three years ago, just a few weeks before our first baby was born. I’ve a whole file of clippings on how I’d like it to look and the perfect accessories to buy, but with my two little men keeping me so busy, it’s very much a work in progress!

Fundamentally, I think I’m a bit of a nosy parker. I jump at the chance to have a look around my friends’ homes and I’m a complete magazine-aholic, trawling through every one I can get my hands on each month for inspiration. Even though we aren’t planning to move for a few years (and have only just started decorating this house!), I regularly check out what’s on the market, dreaming up plans for our ‘Forever Home’. I’m even known to have a sneaky peek through neighbours’ windows in the winter before they close their curtains for the evening! I just love looking at how people put their rooms together – the colours, textures, wallpaper, furniture & accessories. I’m really happy to have found so many pretty and inspirational blogs on here too recently.

A person’s home can tell you a lot about their style and their personality. My friend lives in an identical house to me but our homes ‘feel’ completely different – she has great taste for a start! One of my other friends has bought a ‘doer-upper’ and although they’ve only just got started with the basics (including completely rewiring) you can just tell the house has great potential and will be beautiful once finished.

Those in the ‘real world’ who read my blog have all been laughing about the fact that I come across on here like some sort of Bree Van de Kamp character from Desperate Housewives. The reality I’m afraid to say, is quite a bit different to that – domestic goddess I am not, even though I do strive to be better! My husband on the other hand, is rather like Monica from ‘Friends’ – he can’t bear things being untidy, whereas I’m quite comfortable with a bit of a mess. We’re pretty much opposites in everything really, but somehow we get along!

My theory is though, that if you have guests round to your house, you tidy up before they arrive, right? As my ‘online guests’ I’m therefore a bit selective about what photos to show you, after all, who wants to look at a picture of my messy kitchen?! So I’d love you to take a little look around, get to know me better. I’ve put together a few snapshots of our home (there’s even a pile of laundry in one, so there you go!) I’ve so many ideas and not enough time (or rooms) to bring them to reality just yet – but I’m looking forward to sharing my plans with you on this blog as I go along.

Picture: Our Home I

Handmade nautical cushions, curtains & bunting using ‘All At Sea’ fabric by Harlequin, throw from Melin Tregwynt, furniture & decoration from Mamas and Papas, mobile from Orange Tree Toys

Picture: Our Home II

Living room crying out ‘I’m in need of cushions & a feature wall!’. Sofas and dining room furniture by Halo, cabinet by Marks & Spencer, handmade picture inspired by Laura Ashley fabrics, ‘Kimono’ wallpaper in eau de nil by Laura Ashley.

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8 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. achan says:

    Your home is gorgeous. I’d be happy if my home looked that beautiful even after I had finished all I want to do. Unfortunately my husband isn’t interested in making a ‘beautiful’ home. It’s cultural. I look forward to seeing what you end up changing!

  2. PippaD says:

    Wow, want to move into mine for a bit? Our Living room has the same colour scheme as your hall by the looks of it!

  3. Mummy Zen says:

    Thanks for showing us into your home 🙂 I’ve really got into home magazines lately and have started cutting out things I like and would like to have in our next home and sticking them into a scrapbook. It’s fun to look around for inspiration, whether that’s in magazines or in other people’s houses.

  4. Tatjana says:

    I’m like you, I think – addicted to home magazines, shows, property websites … I can’t wait to have moved and to be in my own place again, I have so many ideas!!

  5. Rachael says:

    Ooh, lovely house. And you and your husband sound like me and mine! I think I’m going to like it here.

  6. Elsie Button says:

    a lovely home – and lovely of you to share! i wish my husband was like monica

  7. Amanda says:

    I’m a bit behind on blog-reading and -commenting so apologies for the comment for three posts in one 😉

    Your house looks just lovely – it ally is all about making the most of what you have and holding that dream of your “forever home” for when it arrives in your life. Tim and I rent right now and so we are limited to what we can do to make it our own, but we try! You have done some absolutely marvellous things to personalise your home and you should be very proud of what you have achieved!

    Italy is one of my favourite places, and I have travelled quite a lot. To be fair I have only visited Rome twice but seeing your photos it makes me even more determined to see the rest of the country too. I’m glad you got to hav such a wonderful experience whilst at university – thanks for studying languages I seemed to spend as much time abroad as I did at home during my university years and really didn’t realise how lucky I was until I graduated and realised that I’d not be able to travel half as much anymore.

    As for your kitchen – I just love how you have made things to match… ours is just a mixture of things we have been bought and given so nothing matches at all, so I am just a teeny weeny bit jealous ;o)

  8. blissfulmum says:

    It’s definitely a work in progress, I just hope we have the money to make it look just the way we want before our family grows too big and we have to move again, which is what happened at our old house!

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