The Gallery: Nature

Just a short post today but here’s my entry for The Gallery run by Tara over at Sticky Fingers. This week’s theme is Nature. What a great opportunity to go for a walk in the countryside with the boys, enjoy the sunshine and take some photographs, or so I thought. The pesky rain had other ideas and has been chucking it down all afternoon. Unfortunately I couldn’t get much ‘nature’ inspiration from our alternative afternoon activity – a playdate at my friend’s house (enjoyable as it was!) – so I’ve had to settle for a photo I took on holiday in Derbyshire a couple of years ago.

We went in Spring and stayed in a beautiful cottage. The trees were full of blossom, birds were singing, newborn lambs were in the fields and we were in the company of good friends. This photo was taken on a walk around Chatsworth House.

On the way home, a pheasant took a nose dive through the front grille of our brand new car, resulting in a broken radiator. It’s probably fair to say that my husband was not quite so appreciative of ‘nature’ on that day as the rest of us, but we still had a great time!

Picture: Sheep at Chatsworth

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12 Responses to The Gallery: Nature

  1. Red Ted Art says:

    ..but it is a lovely photo, great you had to pull it out of the “archive”.. look at those lovely little lambs! And such green green grass!!

    Love it!


  2. dawniebrown says:

    Lovely photo, I grew up near Chatsworth and it reminds me of home 🙂

  3. TheMadHouse says:

    I have to say I adore sheep, they remind me of courting MadDad, it was spring and the moors were full of lambs

  4. geekymummy says:

    what a lovely English photo.

  5. whatdidyoudotodaymama says:

    Loevly pic. I’m sheep biased at the moment as Evie has just started ‘Baaa’-ing. So funny.

  6. As a native Kiwi this pics makes me feel very at home 😉

  7. Kate says:

    Ah, that’s great. I often pull stuff out of the archive for Tara’s prompts. This week’s was a pure fluke – and had to be taken with my phone!!

  8. When I saw ‘baa’ I was thinking along the lines of humbug lol. Great shot though, love when the lambs start coming along, a real sign of Spring:) Jen

  9. Lovely picture. It makes me nostalgic for England – no sheep in this part of the USA!

  10. bubbleboo says:

    Aww, cute sheepies.

    And pheasants are all suicidal, sorry it did so much damage to the car! I reckon they seek out the newest ones!

  11. monkeymummy says:

    I love Chatsworth, reminds me of being little, your picture really brought a smile to my face, thanks!

  12. blissfulmum says:

    The sheep were popular then! Since having the boys I love driving past fields of animals and ‘mooing’, ‘baaing’ or ‘neighing’ at them! My husband thinks I’m crazy but the kids think it’s very funny!

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