Personal Challenge: July Update

At the beginning of July I joined Tiddlyompompom’s Personal Challenge in a bid to get myself more organised. As the ‘Queen of Procrastination’ in most things, I decided to declare my intentions here on my blog, in order to spur myself into action. Many thanks for all your words of encouragement – here’s the latest on my progress!

Well, what a difference a month makes! As you can tell from my previous post, my new blogging and tweeting addiction hobby has certainly been taking up a lot of free time, but all in all I think I’ve done quite well in the challenges I set myself. As you know I’m planning to start my own business and preparations will start in earnest once my eldest little monkey starts school in September. So I’ve been busy this month getting everything else in my life (and home!) a little better organised.

Picture: Wall PlannerI’ve done quite a lot of reading (don’t you just love a good self-help book!) and have pulled together a map of my goals and objectives for the year. It’s a bit personal so I won’t share it here, but it has really helped me take a new look on life and I’m quite pleased with where I’m heading! It’s been useful to share with my husband too – despite being so opposite, it seems we do actually share quite a few ambitions! I’m not saying that looking after the children isn’t rewarding – it goes so quickly that I would hate to miss out on these precious few years at home with them, but I have felt a little ‘directionless’ for a while, so it’s great to put things into perspective.

Picture: Household OrganiserSo what about my house management skills? Well, I’m pretty pleased with my progress here! I’ve compiled a ‘home file’ with all my housework duties and I’ve been sticking to it fairly well. I’ve also got into a much-needed routine with the washing and ironing, which my mum will be really pleased about! We also seem to be arriving on time more often these days, although I have to admit that I still struggle with getting all our things prepared the night before, rather than running around like a headless chicken first thing in the morning!

All in all, life seems to be running a little more smoothly so I think I can call July’s challenge a success. Hopefully come September I’ll be ready to start focusing on becoming ‘Mumpreneur Extrodinaire’ but for August, I think I might set myself a slightly more fun-orientated challenge. Will post more details soon!

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8 Responses to Personal Challenge: July Update

  1. jfb57 says:

    Well done! I love the idea of a map! Might do one myself. As for those baskets – great idea because you can just shove things away in them! Keep up the good work!

  2. Yay! Well done you. I’m glad you have been motivated to become more organised – I’m particularly impressed with the ironing. I hate ironing…
    Looking forward to seeing your August challenge 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    You are so funny……….”i need to get organised, I will write lists, then buy a book to write lists in”. You’re so like me – but I’m anally organised. I need to loosen up a bit! I put some small portions of bolgnese in the freezer this morning UNLABELLED! It’s causing me serious agitation today at work!

  4. Claire says:

    That would be bolognese!!!

  5. Judith Green says:

    Oh good for you! I’m terrible at not packing bags etc night before. So stupid, it would be so much easier to do it the night before but apathy takes over…! x

  6. whatdidyoudotodaymama says:

    Wow, you’re very organized, and motivated! I keep thinking I should get more organized, like packing bags the night before etc, indeed supposed to be getting packed and ready for going away tomorrow and what am I doing, reading blogs? Oh dear.

  7. Well done, you!! I am trying to get more organised budget-wise. It’s painful.

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