I’m Back!

Well after a very long break I’ve decided to resume my blog! Is anyone still out there? Not sure if I have many subscribers left as I’ve been so quiet, but a lot has happened since my last post. I think I mentioned I was going on holiday and unfortunately never came back! The main reason for lack of writing was morning sickness – I fell pregnant again in summer 2010 and felt terrible for the best part of 6 months! Just looking at a computer screen made me feel really ill, so I had to give up for a while. Then my beautiful baby girl was born and 18 months later, here we are , a happy family of 5.

In the last couple of months more exciting things have started happening. It’s been a long held dream of mine to set up my own business and finally now that the monkeys are at school and my little one is happy with her lovely childminder, my little cakery and vintage china empire is slowly coming to life. I’ve mostly been doing events for friends and family but I’m hoping to launch to the wider public soon! In the meantime, I’ve gone and got myself my DREAM job! Our local church has a beautiful Tudor barn and I was delighted to be asked to run it as a wedding reception venue. It’s been hard work setting everything up but we’re now up and running and I’m so excited to be managing the business. In the future I hope to be able to fit in a few cakes and events around my wedding commitments, but feel a very lucky girl!

Our new website is www.weddingpartyreception.org.uk, please take a visit and see what you think!

So glad to be back, I’m planning lots of blog posts about both juggling work and the kids, setting up my business and of course, weddings, china and cakes are bound to feature strongly!

Helen xSt. Barnabas Centre outsideSt. Barnabas Centre Open Day

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