Pinterest Passion

Before I gave up blogging a year or so ago, I drafted what I hoped to be a weekly post, where I would round up reviews and photos of my favourite products of the week – mostly home accessories, stuff for the kids and just little things I happened to find window shopping online or out and about.

Things have certainly moved on though and this particular post idea now seems a little defunct, given my most recent discovery of the wonderful world of Pinterest. For those who haven’t come across it before, Pinterest gives you the chance to ‘pin’ images from around the web onto your own online pinboards and ‘follow’ other Pinterest users. It’s certainly very addictive! Judging from the images that pop up on my screen, the majority of users are women, with interests in home decor, crafts, cakes, fashion and weddings – so it’s perfect for me!

Blissfulmum Pinterest screenshot (top)

So now on my computer screen at least, I have the perfectly decorated house, fantastic ways in which to spend time with my children, a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes with matching accessories and hundreds of inspiring ideas that I might one day be able to put into practice – that is, if I ever step away from the computer!!!

Blissfulmum Pinterest screenshot (bottom)

I’ve also just created a Pinterest account for the St. Barnabas Centre – not only does it give me a chance to share pictures of all the lovely weddings we’ve recently held (I’m learning social media as I go along!) but also pick up on wedding industry trends, find new ideas for our venue and also meet other wedding suppliers.

St. Barnabas Centre pinterest screenshot

I think I might still do a weekly post – maybe a round up of my most favourite pins. If you want to follow me on Pinterest go to or the St. Barnabas Centre (for wedding inspiration) at

Why not leave me a comment and let me know if you are  on Pinterest and how you find it? I’m always looking for new people to follow!

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