More about my blog…

Disclosure Policy – valid from 1st August 2010

Blissful Mum is my own personal blog, written and edited by me. I sometimes may invite guests to write a post on my blog and will always let you know when this is the case. Occasionally I am offered and will choose to accept free gifts, services, travel or event tickets. However I do not accept cash to write reviews or sponsor posts and do not feature any advertising on this blog.

I will only write a review on something if it is relevant to me or my family and will aim to give a fair picture based on my honest opinion and experience. I will always reveal if I have received any form of compensation such as those listed above, in relation to a blog post. Occasionally I will also review or refer to things that I have bought or used myself, and will also make this clear. Any views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own. Any descriptions, quotes or other representations about products or services featured on my blog should be verified with the manufacturer or service provider.


I absolutely love to receive comments and you are very welcome to respond to any of the posts I write. Since I started blogging, I’ve found leaving comments is one of the best ways to get involved, so please jump in! Comments are moderated by me as a means to prevent spam, but I will never delete a comment (even I disagree with your opinion!), providing the comment is not illegal/offensive or otherwise nasty.

I nearly always write a reply to comments either individually or collectively, so please check back to see if the conversation is still going! I also love reading other blogs, so please do leave a link for me if you have a blog of your own and I will try to pop across and see you.


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